Here is a collection of videos highlighting Daniel’s work in conservation photography. The ABC, Planet Green and CBC videos have ads at the beginning of them, FYI.


Prince Charles gives Daniel the Prince’s Rainforests Project award at the 2009 World Photography Awards:


ABC News names Daniel their “Person of the Week” for November 20, 2009:

ABC News | ABC Sports News


Daniel speaks about his SPILL show at the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago.


Planet Green profiles Daniel at work in Olympic National Park:


Plum TV profiles Daniel and his work on the Gulf Oil Spill:


A profile on Daniel and the exhibit at London’s Kew Gardens produced on completion of his PRP commission:


Canada’s CBC interviews Daniel about his work on the Gulf Oil Spill:


Photographic Social Vision produced a trailer for Daniel’s exhibit on the Gulf Spill at the Roca Gallery in Barcelona:


Spanish television station RTVE aired a profile of the “MAREA NEGRA” exhibit at Roca Gallery in 2011:
(Unfortunately they don’t have an embeddable player. It’s the first 3:25 of the video that loads, FYI.)

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